Axis Boats
The Axis boats are built like no other price point boats. They are constructed using a select group of radical boat builders who constantly question the norm. They look past tradition and old habits for the most efficient, durable way to build a boat.

To create the A22 they mix in the wants and needs of the core riding lifestyle. For the A20, they take those same standards along with the size restrictions of certain lakes and most garages.

These guys work in an independent environment where they are able to share ideas and be heard on any issue. This kind of freedom and trust produces unique production practices and untouched ingenuity. With the Axis Wake Research Team, your boat is as personal to them as it is to you.


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  • location
  • 2726 River Road (at Roger Stevens Drive)
  • Manotick (Ottawa), Ontario
  • K4M 1B4
  • Phone: (613) 692-1234
  • Fax: (613) 692-3019
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  • gps coordinates
  • 45.16295, -75.62911
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