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67"Radar Senate Alloy w/ boots

Ski MSRP: $699.99
Front boot MSRP: $269.99
Rear toe MSRP: $129.99
Package price: $989.99

• 100% Carbon laminates
• All-Terrain Core
• .2” Wider Vapor Blueprint
• Recommended max speed 34mph
• Precision Fixed Fin system

Radar's most advanced core to date came with the thought of creating a smoother ride for skiers in open water. Rough water chop can nearly take out your fillings. But are we designing skis to react quickly? The two are not complementing each other. But if we put a dampening system in the core of the ski, they have reduce the vibration through the ski as is cuts through boat wakes. Paulownia wood is pliable and shock absorbing. The perfect material to smooth out your ride.