Xcel Infiniti X2 Spring Suit

  • Bolstering the most flexibility and stretch in the XCEL line, it is no wonder that the XCEL 2mm Infiniti Comp X2 L/S Springsuit is one of the highest performing comp suits in the industry.
  • With a large, seamless body panel to maximize your core's range of motion and less seams to increase mobility, this suit provides the range of motion necessary to perform at a high level.
  • Prevent your gear from slowing progression and purchase the XCEL 2mm Infiniti Comp X2 L/S Springsuit.
  • X2 Front Entry System – Front entry with a short slanted zipper angled along the upper chest and attached at the right shoulder to keep more water out, with a SmoothSkin hem seal on the left shoulder flap.
  • Crossover Neck Entry – The benefit of a crossover design starts with the overlapping at the front and back neck panels under the X2 Front Entry System. This entry is extremely stretchy and allows an extra wide, step-in entry.