Hurst knows Paddleboarding. Mark Hurst, manager of the Proshop department and part owner of Hurst Marina is a long time paddle enthusiast and a certified Academy of SUP Instructor. Hurst Marina started in the paddle sports business with Kayaks in 2006 but quickly transitioned to sales, rentals, repairs and lessons of SUP boards. Whether you want to buy, rent, get a board repaired or take a lesson with Mark Hurst, we are here for you.

Stand Up Paddle Classes

Whether you want to improve your paddle techniques for a race or try it for your first time, Ride the Wake can help.

We are located on the Rideau Long Reach, Ottawa’s cleanest and warmest water.

Lessons run between June 1st and September 27th. You can book a day at your convenience for private sessions or get some friends together and do a group session.

SUP Lessons Includes:

Stand-UP Paddle advanced techniques, introduction to SUP Racing and a flat water demonstration of how to catch a wave. The lessons can be customized to suit anyones paddling interests. Lesson includes the SUP Board Rental at Hurst Marina with full use of facilities including bbq's, Pool, Hot Tub and Restrooms.

Make it a "work party" or a "team building function" have it catered or volunteer someone's spouse to hit the bbq while the paddlers are working hard on the water. No glass containers please, box it, bag it or can it, thanks.

Private, Semi Private Lessons 1 or 2 Participants:

  • $40+tx Per Person
  • Includes 1 hour lesson and 2 hour onsite board rental

Group Events 3 or more Participants:

  • $35+tx Per Person Minimum 3 Participants.
  • Includes 1 hour lesson and 2 hour onsite board rental

If unwarranted Structural Damage occurs to any of the items rented you will be charged for the cost of the repair or replacement.

What to Bring:

Warm change of clothes, food, drinks, sunscreen, a sense of adventure and the determination to succeed.

Board Demos

Through the Hurst Proshop a demo program has been set up to allow you to try before you buy. Try all of our SUP boards to help find the right board for you, no charge.

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Want to Rent?

Hurst Marina invites you to enjoy our Stand-Up Paddle Board Rentals. SUP as it is known is the sport of Stand UP Paddle surfing and is exploding worldwide due to the fast learning curve and great core work don’t need to be a surfer to Stand-Up Paddle. All ages and abilities can enjoy this sport their first time out. Paddling on flat water, bays and lakes is all possible! Rentals include a basic skills demonstration to get everyone started for leisure paddling.

Rates per person +tx

  • $30 per on-site 2 hour board rental
  • Includes equipment and intro lesson.
  • Includes use of Hurst Marina facilities
  • Register within our 3 hour time slots
  • 9am - 12pm, 12pm - 3pm, 3pm - 6pm

On-site availability 9am to 6pm 7 days a week in season, Enjoy the splendor of the Rideau and make use of our resort facilities at no extra charge. We are a private marina resort with a Pool, Hot Tub, Washrooms, Showers, Club House with Kitchen and BBQ's.

If unwarranted Structural Damage occurs to any of the items rented you will be charged for the cost of the repair or replacement.

Rentals require a government issued photo I.D. to hold until the items are returned and inspected.
What boards do we rent? Good question! We have all round fiberglass/epoxy construction boards for every use.
Hurst Marina no longer provides SUP Boards for offsite rentals.

Why Paddle a Board on the Water?

It is a great total body exercise as well as it is fun for people of all physical ability levels. On flat water you can paddle around for leisure the same as you would a kayak. Also some new sports with paddle boards have arisen. SUP racing in some cases is done much the same way as a marathon or running event where they are organized as fun charity events and are not taken too seriously. In other cases they are incredible athletes competing in sanctioned events around the world. SUP Yoga is similar to what people know of Yoga classes in a gym or studio. However in this case it is done on the board in the water. SUP Yoga allows you to enjoy the excitement of exercising outdoors and around water. 

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